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Riven Mains Community Subreddit

Community Subreddit

/r/Rivenmains is the official Riven Mains community subreddit and an amazing resource for both aspiring and advanced Riven players. It's recommended to frequently browse this community.

Lane Matchups

Lane Matchups

Lane Matchups is a list we keep up-to-date on resources that can be used to learn Riven vs. X matchups. We provide links to both in-depth matchup guides and quick lists for brushing up.

Guides & Math

Guides & Math

Guides & Math is a complete list of useful links to Riven guides, articles, math and more! Content pertains to both new and advanced Riven players and can be browsed at your leisure.

Riven Builds & More

Item Builds

Item Builds

Item Builds is an up-to-date list on current Riven build paths. While all matches should have dynamic builds, this can serve as a general guideline.

Runes & Masteries

Runes & Masteries

Runes & Masteries is a list of current viable Riven runes/masteries. Depending on your playstyle or matchup, you may want to run a different build.



Riven Combo's is a comprehensive list of Riven combo's that can be performed. Furthermore, we've paired combo's with instructional videos.

Riven Twitch Streamers


Adrian Riven

Twitch.tv/1AdrianAries1 is a Challenger Riven main that provides entertaining and educational streams. He's known for his smooth doublecasts and frequently beating up on pro's in solo queue.



Twitch.tv/Viper is another Challenger Riven main whose attained rank 1 in NA multiple times. He's known for his aggressive early game and popping off in outnumbered fights during mid/late game.



Twitch.tv/Dekar173 is the most entertaining Challenger Riven/Rengar main. He's known for his hilarious attitude, strong roaming, chat interaction, and frequent use of Stormraider's Surge.

Other Resources



Pwnwin was an automated tournament platform that over 1 million+ players actively compete with. Use it alongside your soloqueue games to participate in mini-competitions and earn points on the platform.

item set editor

Item Set Editor

LoL Item Sets was a free tool that can be used to create League of Legends item sets externally. Additionally, this tool is awesome for creating and managing item sets right in your web browser!

league of legends math

LoL Math

LoL Math was another resource like our own that provides in-game math, articles & more for League of Legends in general. We're not affiliated so take note some of their content may be outdated.